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Alicia & Jason: Semi-Homemade At Sweetbriar

            After years of dreaming, months of planning, and moments of panic, there is nothing better than to live the realization of your wedding dreams.  A perfect April sun shone on the spotless grounds of Sweetbriar College highlighting dazzling shades of pink and orange positioned throughout the scenery.  Looking onto the expertly choreographed wedding and masterful decorations, it would seem a challenging task with an outrageous budget; when in all reality, it took a diligent bride and her mother pulling together endless resources of creativity, while undertaking projects to create the perfect atmosphere without the extravagant cost. 

            Truer “do-it yourselfers” than the bride, Alicia, and her mother, Carrie could not be found; for a “do-it yourselfer” is not a professional out of experience, but out of necessity.  The mother and daughter team stepped up to every challenge and need by humbly seeking advice and information from every viable source from their friends to their wedding coordinator to the internet.  Taking countless lines of information into stride, the two surpassed all preconceptions and expectations to put together impressive accumulations of wedding fabulosity.  Though the do-it yourself path is the truest form of love-hate relationship, the overwhelming feeling of accomplishment and pride in achievement of the wedding dream is unmatched.

            From the original ceremony surrounded by classic pillars, to the Lil’ Wayne recessional, to cocktail hour corn hole, to the turned up reception, the Finney-Campbell wedding rang unique, original, and full of sass.  Guests were able to enjoy an atmosphere of pure excitement married with elegant flair.  Staying true to the explosive imagination of the event, the couple exited in a tunnel of sparks.  Following the grand departure, guests of all ages exclaimed their complete enjoyment of the festivities; it was a mission accomplished for all involved in the planning and execution of the perfect day.