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Trending: Paparazzi Engagement

Girl:  "Mom, guess what..."
Mom: "What?"
Girl: "Guy just asked me to marry him!  I said 'Yes!'"
Mom: "Congratulations sweetie!  I'm so happy for you!"
Girl: "Thanks Mom!"
Mom: "So, how did he ask?"
Girl: "Well, it all started with..."

Across America, and even the world, this is how the conversation always goes.  You tell someone you're engaged, they're happy for you, and then they want to know how it all went down.  The girls are so excited to tell the story to their friends and family.  Inevitably, there will be a piece or two that you tell one person, but forget to tell another person.  There may even be pieces of the story you forget all together, or at least it escapes your memory over time.  Not only that, but the people listening to the story never get to see that look their friend had when she said, "Yes!"  They never get to see that teary-eyed embrace after he slides the ring on her finger.  Wouldn't it be great to share this story with pictures?!

That is exactly what B Psi Entertainment allows you to do!  It's called the Paparazzi Engagement!

One or more of our talented photographers help the lucky man plan their event in order to capture all of the important pieces.  Whether it's a hike up a mountain, a stroll in the park, seated at a nice restaurant, or anywhere else that this special moment could happen, our photographers will be there every step of the way, LITERALLY, capturing the whole thing!  Once the proposal happens, and she OF COURSE says "I do," we then have an impromptu engagement session with the couple just minutes after he dropped to a knee.

These sessions start at $300, and can be done anywhere!  And I mean ANYWHERE!  At the peak of Sharp Top?  *SNAP*  On the beach?  *SNAP*  Times Square, NYC?  *SNAP SNAP* Travel fees may apply for traveling a long distance, but you'll be happy you made the investment when that person inevitably asks, "So, how did he do it?"

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